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Standard users have the ability to use the full platform including tracking keywords, creating dashboards, and access to all aspects of the platform. There is typically an organization admin user that has full access to the platform and the ability to assign permissions of other users. The enterprise SEO platform has multiple levels of access that can be assigned to individual users. BrightEdge looks at Trust Flow, Domain and Page Authority, anchor text, etc. to help their customers know where to get not only a high quantity of links, but high-quality links.

Providing analysis on both internal and external links, BrightEdge partners with Majestic for their backlink information and connects the data directly into the platform on a weekly basis. BrightEdge integrates with Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, and Coremetrics through multiple options including API, SFTP, and hybrid options. Additionally, this analysis saves hours of time of looking at competitors’ content in an attempt to understand what they are doing differently.

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You can also learn about BrightEdge and read through their over 50 customer stories and case studies. BrightEdge releases updates to the platform every 6 weeks based on this feedback to constantly keep their Directx customers ahead of Google. This allows them to take feedback directly from their customers and build technology suited directly to their needs. They are not reliant on other data providers where they have no control over the product roadmap or SLAs. With an endless amount of data available on the web, it is almost impossible for even the most sophisticated SEO professionals to make sense of it all.

However, Plasma already supports fractional scaling and they have developed something which enables per display scaling. I think it’s alpha quality now and that’s why there is no GUI by default for now.

Regulatory Flood Map Products

  • Overall, the Google Maps app for iPhone is fast, lean, and accurate.
  • However, if I do a much simpler search for “grocery stores” it can accurately populate the closest stores nearby.
  • Last but not least, you get Google’s years of hard-won experience and all the research and fine-tuning it’s done on a global basis to present the most accurate map and points-of-interest data possible.
  • Heavy navigation users will appreciate its speed and accuracy.
  • You’re shown the number of clicks by people who are looking for turn-by-turn navigation to your business.
  • Its ability to interpret unbranded search queries with modifiers (i.e. best, delicious, new) needs work, which is something that we’re hoping to see in the rebuild.

Everything needed to effectively optimize a site is accessible in one place, utilizing a unified methodology, where each “system” is able to speak to each other. Additionally, within the Data Cube, BrightEdge customers love how they are able to narrow down on their sites to find the best opportunities. 100% of BrightEdge customers are assigned at least two dedicated resources in the form of a Customer Success Manager and a Strategic Account Manager. The BrightEdge platform rolls out with updates every 5-6 weeks with new features as well as system improvements. BrightEdge also has an open API to pull information out of the platform and into data warehouses or reporting tools like Domo, PowerBI, and Tableau.

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